We have provided answers to our frequently asked questions below. If your question is not covered here, feel free to call or email us at hello@wilderfloralco.com

What days are you open?

We answer our phones Monday - Friday 9am-5pm for ordering.
Our corner flower shop is open 9am-3pm Tuesday - Friday.
Please give us a call if you'd like to stop by as we are pre-order based.
We do deliveries Tuesday thru Saturday.

IS WILDER™ open Monday?

We answer our phones on Monday’s to assist with pre-orders for the week. Our retail location does not have any flowers available on Mondays as all of our product comes in fresh from the farms Tuesday through Saturday. We sell out each week and therefore Mondays are our turnover day to transition into the new week and plan for the weeks orders. Any orders that are placed for a Monday will automatically be re-scheduled for a fulfillment day (Tuesday thru Saturday). 

IS WILDER™ open Saturday?

No, however we do offer delivery on Saturdays, please get your order in by Friday, as we do not answer phones on Saturdays. Our retail location is not open to the public on Saturdays as we are generally servicing our wedding clients off-site on Saturdays, however we do offer delivery service for pre-orders on Saturdays.  

What days do you offer delivery?

Tuesday thru Saturday. Our deliveries generally go out between noon and 5:00pm Tuesday thru Saturday.

where do you deliver?

We serve most of the San Luis Obispo County. Click here for a list of local neighborhoods, cities, zip codes and more.  


During mainstream flower shop holiday weeks such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day we do not accept same day orders. For these holidays we request a minimum of one day advance ordering. 

The rest of the year, Wilder accepts orders for same day delivery until 2:00 PM PST.
Anything after 2:00 pm can be arranged for delivery as early as the next business day. 


Due to a high volume of flower orders, we aren't able to accept specific time constraints. Our team is committed and diligent in trying to get orders out to your lucky recipient as early in the day as possible. We hope you understand! 


No, our online ordering is solely for delivery. To coordinate a pick-up at our showroom, please give us a call so that we can ensure someone is available to meet you during your requested pick-up time.

CAN I make a change to my order?

If there is a change to the delivery location or date, please notify us as quickly as possible at concierge@wilderfloralco.com or by calling us at (805) 784-0415. If we have already dispatched for delivery, we may require an additional delivery faire to re-route or re-attempt elsewhere. We process orders very quickly, so once you place your order, we are unable to make changes to gift messages or designs.


Our couriers make ONE attempt for delivery. If no one is available to receive the delivery, our highly trained couriers aim to find the best safe, secure place to leave the flowers away from the elements like sun, rain, wind, etc. at the recipients home, apartment or office. If we end up needing to leave your gift, we leave a courtesy message for the recipient letting them know to look for a gift (ex: behind the plant by the front door, around the corner in the shade, etc.) We do require a valid working number for the recipient. Wilder is not responsible for the recipient not receiving this courtesy call or for not having a valid working number. Wilder is not responsible for the flowers once they have been dropped off (i.e.: loss, theft, wilting, or the recipient being away on vacation). If we cannot find a safe place, we'll contact the recipient to arrange something under these special circumstances. Wilder reserves the right to contact the recipient under any circumstances to attempt delivery.

Please note, all deliveries have a vase included so that flowers are in water and stay looking great until the time they reach their recipient. Wrapped bouquets are available for pick-up at the shop.

How do i care for my flowers to get the longest life possible?

Cut flowers are perishable from the moment they are cut from the living plant and are subject to variable conditions such as weather, placement, air quality, watering, and general care. To keep your flowers fresh as long as possible, please read our flower care instructions here.

are those peonies?

We LOVE this question and we get it often! Our shop is proudly the only florist on the Central Coast that offers these rare and gorgeous old-world garden roses that so many confuse for the coveted peony. These are as big and luscious as peonies, have a higher fragrance, and the best part is they're available year-round and locally grown!

where do you get your flowers?

Most florists source import flowers and create generic bouquets that cater to the masses. We design thoughtfully with local ingredients, often cut that very morning, to make a true and lasting impression. Our garden roses have not been bred and hybridized to the point of having no fragrance and our orchids are strong and acclimated to our central coast climate.

is WILDER™ an ftd or teleflora florist?

Wilder Floral Co. is a high-end boutique florist, offering creative, well-designed bouquets using a mix of premium garden-style flowers. Owner & Designer Asha's work has many prestigious mentionings in publications, websites and blogs for her design-eye and natural-form bouquets. We do not create out-of-the-box, generic arrangements, nor do we offer FTD or Teleflora goods (mylar balloons, stuffed animals, etc.) or services. 

Can you tell me more about your size options?

$45 Basic Bouquet: A simple sweet gesture perfect for 'just because', date night or the everyday occasion. 
Wrapped farmer's market style in brown paper for pick-up, or arranged in a glass vase for delivery.
Approx 10-14"

$65 Double Bouquet: A medium, lush, textural bouquet perfect for occasions such as birthday's. 
Wrapped farmer's market style in brown paper for pick-up, or arranged in a glass vase for delivery.
Approx 14-18"

$95 Triple Bouquet: Grand statement piece to make an impact. 
Arranged in a glass vase.
Approx 18-22"

$125 Premium Arrangement: The grand gesture of one dozen focal flowers.
Arranged in a glass vase.

Is everything that is available listed on the website?

We feature limited design collections on our website. We are continually updating and adding to our offerings based on what is in season, and our designers choice arrangement is always changing. We source lots of locally grown, lush, garden ingredients. If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, feel free to give us a call at the shop to see if the flower you're after is in season. 

why is your menu selective?

We like to think of the customers’ experience at Wilder Floral Co. similarly to a foodie experience at a high-end restaurant, where the chef has carefully selected a few artisanal menu items. The menu options at Wilder Floral Co. are very much based on what ingredients are seasonal and that we've cultivated for the week. Understandably some customers might find it a little surprising that we don’t carry all of the generic flowers that most are used to seeing at every Teleflora and FTD florist, but once they hear the reasons why, most customers seem to really embrace our very selective menu. This allows us to design quality bouquets. We believe in a certain standard for the products we have, which specifically are locally sourced, and that standard follows the product all the way though to the end creation itself. It’s not what a lot of customers are used to from typical florists but we're excited about how well received our style is and how much customers seem to appreciate our ethics.


Our shop does not support the import, mass-produced single-stem red-rose industry. We have very high ethical and environmental standards for the farms we source from. We have created our own proprietary version of a dozen roses, using gorgeous, local old-world garden roses in a mix of ruby red garden sprays and pink single stems. We have found that our customers who give these a try enjoy them far more, as they truly open up to show a full, rosetted bloom and carry a fragrance that genetically modified roses lack. See our Juliette Collection; they're sure to make your loved one's heart sing! 

what is your return policy?

Please visit our Policies here for refund, return, re-delivery and replacement policies. 

WHAT are the terms & conditions?

Please visit our Terms + Conditions page to learn more about our terms of use, ordering and delivery policies. 

are there any job opportunities at wilder™?

All positions at the Wilder Floral Co. shop are currently fulfilled. We are always looking to add to our extended team of contract assistants for couriers on an as needed basis. If you are experienced and would like to be considered for deliveries please visit our job description page with a link to apply. We do not hire for design positions as all of our designs are created by our world-recognized designer and owner Asha.





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