flower care

We aim to brighten lives daily, and are hoping you’re day just got a little bit brighter!

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To keep your flowers looking bright too, here are some tips to properly care for your flowers:

With any bouquet or vase arrangement, be sure to keep fresh water levels in your vase. For best results, use filtered water and replace all water daily, keeping water levels all the way up to the neck-tie.

We also recommend keeping your flowers in a cool spot, away from sunlight, extreme heat, stovetops, or furnaces. Also do not place any ripening or off-gassing fruit (ie: avocados, bananas, oranges) near your flowers.

As some flowers begin to wilt or expire remove them so they don't spread bacteria to the rest of the arrangement. Certain flowers will fade before others.

There’s beauty throughout the entire life and some ingredients may surprise you with a seed stage - Enjoy the these cut flowers all the way though the fading process.

Wishing you a wildly enjoyable day!

Orchids and Terrariums come with a care card with specific care instructions. For orchid maintenance, we offer orchid workshop classes as well as refreshes at our showroom by appointment. 

Cut flowers are perishable from the moment they are cut from the living plant and are subject to variable conditions such as weather, transport, placement, air quality, watering and water quality, and general care. Due to the perishable nature of cut product, plants and flowers, and all the factors and variable conditions that affect lifespan, we’re not able to offer any guarantees or refunds, with a few exceptions.
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