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Hello! I'm so eager to begin working with you. 
This small cost opens a big door to a lot of dreaming, planning, and possibility. 


Our initial consultation will give us the opportunity to meet in person (or via FaceTime for any destination clients), get to know you and get a feel for the right style for you, while also giving you the chance to share your must-haves and your biggest dreams.

We’ll determine a range for your budget and then we'll take this hour to look at inspiration images + swatches, jot down notes, think about logistics, and brainstorm. As a Wilder Wedding couple, you also have full access to any of our inventory (vases, urns, candle holders, lanterns, etc.) at no extra cost, so we’ll look through what we have and select what would be a good fit, and determine anything else that needs to be brought in.

After your first appointment, our design team will meet and navigate through the overwhelming number of great ideas you've given us to create one, cohesive design especially for you!   


At our next appointment, I'll present you with a design proposal and pricing estimate inspired by your vision. At this meeting we figure out what works and what doesn't; and we’ll get the design to a place where we all can leave in excitement and anticipation.  

In order for us to change your date on our calendar from graphite to ink, a deposit for 50% of your estimated budget is required at the end of this second meeting. This deposit allows us to commit to you our time as well as allows you to take home all of the images, swatches, estimates, and ideas we have prepared for you. A deposit can be made at a later time, but until then we cannot ensure date availability, and we also have to keep your original design with us.  

THE final appointment (APPOINTMENT #3)

Throughout your engagement, we’ll be there for you in the planning stages, but we’ll want to schedule one last formal appointment. This final appointment will take place around six weeks prior to your wedding day. At this meeting we invite you to bring any last minute detail changes that might have happened (adding a boutonniere, guest table count change, photography schedule adjustments, and the like) since the last time we met. We will also take this time to confirm all logistics, and contacts for the day of your wedding, as well as answer any questions you might have. We will also go over the remaining balance on your account and discuss any other details that need attention in order to make your dream wedding a reality.  

I'm looking forward to meeting and working together to make your special day everything from your wildest dreams!


Asha | Owner + Designer, Wilder Floral Co.